I get a lot of Questions on how to enable starting and Stopping a Virtual Machine (VM) using the Self Service Portal for SCVMM for groups instead of a specific user.It took me some time to figure it out, I am not sure at this moment WHY it works as it does ( I Hope I will figure it out later)

This is how you can get this working:

Create two groups:

a Global group the users will be in that need the rights to start and stop the machines. (in my example: Virtual Admins)

a Machine local group on machine where SCVMM runs. (in my example Virtadmins)

Add the global group to the local group. This makes the global group known to the SCVMM machine.

Add the right users tot the Global group.

Now the group structure is ready.

Open the SCVMM console and open the properties of the virtual Machine(s) concerned.

Set the owner of the VM to the Global Group you just created.

Now the machines of that group will show up in your Self Service Portal:

Good luck with this.