On my desk I found the following book with the request to review it, always a pleasant task so without hesitation I started it:

Titel: Introducing Windows Server 2012
Author:  Mitch Tulloch with the Windows Server Team
ISBN: 976-0-7356-6679-5

Target Audience: IT Professionals who are starting with Windows Server 2012 and want a complete picture of new features of Windows Server 2012 in a short span of time (200 pages).

And of course the first curiosity is how we see the input of the Windows Server team in the book.  This is nicely done with greyed area’s (sidebars) where every time another person gives some statements (PM’s, Consulting Services, MVP’s, etc) nice touch, of course the term Windows Server Team suggested (at least to me) mainly members of that team in the sidebars,  but beside that the sidebars worth reading and isn’t that main thing?

In the graphic I awarded points for this book on a scale from 1 to 5.

As you can see I can wholeheartedly recommend the book. I wasn’t able to find technical errors and after reading al the 200+ pages one has a very good understanding of the majority of the new features and why they are important, maybe I would have like some information about ReFS, IPAM and Dynamic Access Control was rather thin. But that are just minor comments on a job well done.


If you are new to Windows 2012 this book is excellent to start your quest for knowledge, after reading this you can make well founded decisions where to go next.

This book is now also available as free E-book!

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