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Today I finally got totally fed up with the problems I have with the display drivers provided by NVidia.

As you might know I do give a lot of presentations throughout the year and connecting to a beamer is something I do almost on a weekly basis. Since I own a Dell Laptop D620 I constantly got problems when I connect to a External display or video projector. For some reason The screen will start flickering and the machine becomes almost unusable. For a long Time I thought this was caused by an hardware issue in the laptop especially since I got a special tweaking device from one of our folks from IT Services that solved the problem. (See here for more info) Today I needed to give a presentation again, but I lost a part of the VGA device I could place between the laptop and the video projector, resulting in the fact that I could not give a proper presentation since the laptop constantly switched the external display adapter on and off.

But it all appears this is caused by a driver issue!

I started to uninstall the NVidia display drivers and reverted back to the most basic driver there is in windows vista. Then I went to the Dell Support Site and downloaded the one and only supported driver available for the NVidia Quadro 110M display adapter. This is a driver is older than Vista itself (8-22-2006) but it appears this one is working properly J

So the one and only display driver working for a Dell latitude 620 with NVidia Quatro adapter is the one provided by dell itself. (click here to download)

So for all my Info Support buddies with the same laptop, I would recommend to revert back to this driver to avoid problems. You never know when you might need to do a presentation and finding out at that moment you have this problem is very painful.

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10 thoughts on “Dell latitude D620 display driver problems finally fixed with a driver older then Vista itself

  1. You didn’t write what driver version you had these problems with. You mention “drivers provided by NVIDIA”, which seems strange to me, since NVIDIA does not provide drivers for mobile video cards, they are provided through notebook manufacturers only.

    I had problems with the old video drivers that Dell provided for the D620 at the time Windows Vista was released. They caused occasional flickering and strange artifacts on the LCD panel. I then switched to newer drivers from http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/ which completely solved this problem. I have used the 165.01 version for a long time with no problems, and also used newer versions since then. Also, recently newer drivers were released through Windows Update. Have you tried those already? The download link you mention also has a newer driver version now, although still not a very recent one (101.44).

    Also, FYI: native English speakers will probably not understand what you mean with “beamer”, because it is actually not an English word but a pseudo-Anglicism for (video) projector.

  2. Gerard,
    Thanks for the insight that a beamer is not an actual English word, so I changed that. To come back on the drivers I used, I downloaded the drivers from the NVidia Site and installed those. They caused the screen flicker each time I connect to an external display device. I have a driver in the windows update list that I used as well, but this one has the same problems. So I think I will just stick to the old driver. It now works and that is most important to me now.

  3. Hi there,

    My colleague is has a Dell D620 and also has the same problem with the flickering screen, however she is using XP Professional and not Vista.

    Is there a driver available to solve this issue?

    Many thanks


  4. My inspiron 9400 with the nvideo 7900 go has the same problem. The dell drivers were not any more stable than the drivers found on the website. It also happened because of external projectors. Maybe the problem is deeper than just good drivers.

  5. Hi,
    Not sure why and how, but it appears that there is a relation between the Wireless network drivers and the display. It sounds weird but as a work around, try and disable the wireless connection on the laptop or if you are using the wireless to connect to the network, try to adjust the wireless card power settings under the wireless NIC configuration (right click and open network connection properties>right click on the wireless connection and select properties>select the wireless NIC>click configure>select the advanced tab>find the power management in the list>set the slider to somewhat lower setting). This seems to help. It might have something to do with power distribution.

  6. I am using Dell Vostro 1310. I recently encountered Presentation Mode problem. To project out I need to plug in the cable to the overhead projector and then re-start my computer. The image of my computer screen will be displayed on the wall and not on my computer screen. Pressing Fn F8 does not allow me the options of where to display. In other words, the Fn F8 has become useless.

  7. I am using Dell D620 from 2 years, i got a problem regarding its display, as in the course of usage the screen suddenly turns blank and i can hear the songs running, but display goes blank . this problem is observed only while running on battery mode, so i have to reboot it again and it comes back normally, but if the laptop is run on power i never faced such problem. So pls some one could tell the problem and suggest to overcome.

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