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You might have noticed the banner on the right already, I will be speaking at visual Studio Live again, this time in Redmond. This time I will be doing the following sessions:

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T10 The LINQ Programming Model

This session will show in what way developers can leverage the power of LINQ. This session will not dive into how LINQ works but for a change will give you an idea on what you need to know as the programmer using LINQ and how you can apply it to different parts of your work including manipulating in memory objects, data from a database and of course XML.

This session will start with an introduction to the LINQ syntax. From this introduction we take a journey into the different available technologies that ship with Visual the .NET framework and are LINQ enabled. These technologies include XLINQ, LINQ to Datasets and Entity Framework.

You will learn:
Many classic C# programmers still don’t use LINQ because they look at the syntax and have just no clue how this would work. They know it might be powerful but still have some problems grasping how LINQ actually works for them. This session will help programmers that are less interested in how LINQ works but just want to use it for their day to day programming work and just use it and know how to read its syntax.

T13 Creating Scalable State Full Services Using WCF and WF

Most people know today that a stateless programming model is one that scales the best. But how can you build services that act upon message exchange patterns without managing all the state yourself. How can you build a system that recovers from system reboots without even bothering about it? In this session I will show how you can build stateless WCF services that appear to be state full by leveraging Windows Workflow Foundation. We will use the concept of Workflow Services to implement a SOA based architecture that is resilient to system reboots while implementing state full message exchange patterns.

You will learn:

  • Core concepts that provide scalability
  • To leverage Windows Workflow foundation as an architectural building block
  • To leverage Workflow Services
  • To handle message correlation
  • To implement long running work without blocking the call

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Hope to see you there!