1. I got one of those “head first” books as well for the java web components exam: http://www.amazon.com/Head-First-Servlets-JSP-Developer/dp/0596005407

    Great books to study, the cheesy jokes and pictures do help to remember the stuff and make it easier to grind through the book. And since most of the little gritty details of the J2EE web specs are in there, it still makes for a good reference sometimes.


  2. I find the Head First books pretty annoying. All the extraneous attempts at humor and third grade pictures is really distracting. Just give me the facts with a lot of meaningful examples. That’s how I learn.


  3. Well, I guess you can’t please all readers with one kind of book. As with all read-this-books advices, you should always check the book yourself before buying/reading it; don’t simply go by the advice of others. Not even mine.


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