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This category includes blogs related to .NET Development. The members of the Info Support Microsoft Application Development Competence Center work with the latest .NET technologies and products, including Visual Studio Team Server, SharePoint, BizTalk and SQL Server, and share their knowledge by writing articles, speaking at events, and writing their blogs. Show .NET


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Show Algorithms

Big Data

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Blockchain technology is an uncrackable process to digitally define conditions for transactions between different parties. The main purpose is not to create an international digital currency, but to automate trust. Show Blockchain

Business Intelligence

Info Support’s BI specialists work on BI projects on a daily basis, using both Microsoft (SQL Server and PerformancePoint Server) and Oracle technologies. In this section of the site, they share their knowledge with colleagues. Show Business Intelligence


Cloud Computing is hot, and Info Supporters deal with cloud issues on a daily basis. This section of the site contains all blogs on this subject. Show Cloud

Continuous Delivery

Continous delivery is an agile software development method that reduces the delivery time of the software to just a few weeks or days even. Show Continuous Delivery

Enterprise Architecture

The art and science of integral and cohesive design and transformation of organizations taking into account a seamless fit of Business Requirements and supporting IT systems. Show Enterprise Architecture


Rather than focusing on actual applications and systems, this section of the site is dedicated to infrastructure, with Info Supporters sharing their experiences with both middleware and hardware. Show Infrastructure


At Info Support, we do more than developing new IT systems – we also work to integrate existing systems, which often involves providing customized solutions. Systems are often linked through an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Web services within a service-oriented architecture (SOA) facilitate communication between applications. Show Integration

Internet of Things

Internet of things is the term referring to ordinary items being connected to a network and therefore becoming able to exchange data. These ‘things’ become computers, controlling itself without any interference of humans. This technological development creates whole new possibilities of the application of these items. Show Internet of Things


The Info Support Java Community consists of a group of active Java developers that regularly publish articles in Java Magazine and speak at events. In addition, they regularly share their experiences with colleagues on their blogs. Show Java

Mobile Development

Mobile Development has become an indispensable part of the IT world. Info Supporters share their experiences with Android, Windows Phone and iPhone development and a combination of the three: multi-platform development with Xamarin. Show Mobile Development

Quality Assurance & Test

Quality control begins as soon as we set requirements in co-operation with the customer. Since we believe software can only be developed if it can be tested, our developers prepare the tests before they start implementing the software. It goes without saying that quality is also monitored continuously throughout the development process. View Quality Assurance & Testing. Show Quality Assurance & Test

Requirements Management

Requirements Management is one of the best practices regularly discussed by the Functional designers in our Requirements & Analysis Competence Center. Their other areas of focus include Business Modeling with BPMN, Usability Requirements and Solution-Oriented Coaching. Show Requirements Management


All developers deal with security issues, including privacy protection, ensuring that only authorized persons can access information, and preventing information from leaking. This section of the blog includes posts related to these issues. Show Security

Software Architecture

This category includes all the information and blog posts on IT architecture. Info Support’s IT architects focus primarily on an achievable architecture based on the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) architectural style. Besides looking good on a poster, this architecture is actually achievable and can be implemented incrementally. Show Software Architecture

Software Factory

A software factory is a framework consisting of processes, tools and support to make the overall software development process more manageable during the entire lifecycle of an application. Any software that is developed by Info Support, is realized using the software factory Endeavour. Show Software Factory


This section of the blog community is home to all blog posts, articles and other items that fall just outside the other categories or that are hard to classify under a single heading. In other words, this is where you’ll find just about anything and everything! Show Various

Web Development

In this category you’ll find all posts about Web Development. Show Web Development