Dev-Cloud Conference ’23

Date 27-11-2023 t/m 29-11-2023
Time All day event
Theme Cloud
  • Pullman Cologne
  • Helenenstrasse 14
  • D-50667 Cologne, Germany
Speaker Sander Molenkamp
Description Do you want to run containerized microservice applications with features like autoscaling, HTTPS ingress, and traffic routing but don't want the complexity of the full Kubernetes platform? Or maybe you just don't need the full flexibility that Kubernetes offers and rather trade that in for ease of use. If so, meet Azure Container Apps (ACA): an Azure service that lets you run containerized apps on a serverless platform.

To further ease your life as a developer, ACA includes full support for Dapr, the CNCF project for building portable and reliable microservices.

In this demo-heavy session, "A Perfect Match: Dapr & Azure Container Apps, " Sander Molenkamp teaches you how to run your microservice apps on ACA while solving common distributed systems problems such as service location, state management, and pub/sub with Dapr.

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