Expert Day for Xamarin

Date 25-10-2019
Time All day event
Theme Xamarin
  • Microsoft Office
  • Holzmarkt 2A
  • 50678 Cologne, Germany
Speaker Arne De Cock
Description Experts will tell you all about the latest and greatest for Xamarin. The speakers come from all around the world, just to share their knowledge and experience with you! This day will be a lot of fun with good sessions, great friends and memorable conversations.

Arne De Cock will present "Industry 4.0: Standalone smartwatches, are we there yet?"

What seemed like a nice gizmo from James Bond movies is now part of everyday life. Smartwatches are seeing major adoption on the streets and they do not seem to be "just a fad". But... are they ready to be used in industrial environments? Will the factory-worker of the future have this companion on his/her wrist or will it be stuck in the consumer-only market forever?

To jump with both feet into the future, we challenged ourselves to build a stand-alone smartwatch app for WearOS and Tizen to support factory workers in a construction plant. Xamarin being our framework of choice.

From the start, this project raised a ton of questions:

- How do we connect the application to all the machines we got?
- What tweaks you need to make the battery last a full 8-hour shift?
- How to stop the app from getting killed by the OS?
- How do we make sure employees can not use the watch to surf the web?
- Can we provision 100s of devices in a quick and simple way?
- ... and many more.

During this talk we will answer all these questions, show you our setup and architecture for the project and give you our view on the future of "smartwatches for industry 4.0".

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