Date 26-05-2020 t/m 28-05-2020
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • Atta Centre
  • Krasta Street 60
  • LV-1003 Riga, Latvia
Speaker Hanno Embregts
Description Tech conference and the annual meeting point for developers in Baltic states. We talk about technologies straight to the point and with those who develop it.

On May 28th, Hanno Embregts will talk about "Entering the Fourth Dimension of OCR with Tesseract":

Optical Character Recognition has come a long way since the first image-scanning inventions in the early 1900s. Nowadays, accuracy rates of over 90% are easily achievable on high-quality text scans. Many OCR engines capable of reaching these rates exist today; one of which is Tesseract.
Tesseract has become quite popular amongst software developers because of its accuracy, its open-source status and its active development by Google. By using the Tess4J JNA wrapper it is easily integrated into your Java project.
During this session, I will introduce Tesseract, its pros and cons and how & when to use it. And I will demonstrate a Java application that uses Tesseract and Tess4J to process some example documents, so you’ll be able to assess its accuracy for yourself.
In geometry, a ‘tesseract’ is the four-dimensional analog of a cube. So will the Tesseract OCR library live up to its name and help your project to ‘enter the fourth dimension’? Join me for this session and find out for yourself!
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