1. The first option that you describe only works within one domain and where you share you encryption certificate among the computers you want to encrypt/decrypt your data with.

    The problem that you are having is that the usb key is fat and encryption only works with ntfs. So just format the key with ntfs and you can use encryption. Just make sure you back-up your encryption certificate NOT encrypted in a safe place. I use a shared folder on my network. I only use it for encrypting stuff on my notebook and usbkeys.

    Ramon Smits

  2. Ramon, thanks for your suggestions. 🙂 Some more hints for people who don’t want to use TrueCrypt.

    The problem I have with USB key/portable media encryption using the built-in XP Pro feature is that is clearly not designed for portable media encryption. I need to attach to multiple domains/accounts: my home account, the Info Support account, the account at the customer. Sharing the certificate using a network share is not possible. On top of that: the customer desktop runs Windows 2000, so it won’t even work there anyway. 🙂 I need something more flexible.

    Peter Hendriks

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