Client Reference: Sportspay was born from a partnership between SD Worx and Info Support

SD Worx has been relying on Info Support to train its Software Developers since 2002. The working relationship has evolved over the years and SD Worx has since entrusted a number of consulting projects to Info Support. This close partnership between SD Worx and Info Support is based on mutual trust and satisfaction.

With 70 years of experience, more than 54,000 clients among large and medium-sized companies and 2,000 employees, SD Worx is a market leader in Belgium in payroll, HR, tax matters and social legislation. SD is also active outside Belgium, in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the United States and Canada. In the complex process of payroll administration, software plays a crucial role and the importance of software that works well is only increasing. SD’s explosive growth has prompted a growing need for more applications. Info Support and SD Worx have realized various projects together since 2014, specifically SportsPay, TaxTPI and Warrants Tool 2.0.