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  1. How do you handle for “Multivalue” parameter. I have a multivalue parameter, when I click “Select All” :: I am passing ALL as a value as my SP understands “ALL” value but there is no such value when the values are displayed on the Multivalue parameter.

    For selection of few values it works, for “Select All” the URL imposes length as 2048 char…. so how should I handle this scenario??

    How to handle multivalue :: coz right now it is throwing error “value is not valid for the parameter <>”

    Anil Reply

  2. Hello Anil, thank you for replying. I shall try to address your issues as accurate as possible, but please correct me if I’m heading in the wrong direction.

    You need to know that the ‘ALL’ parameter value in SSRS differs from ‘regular’ parameter values in this way that the ‘ALL’ parameter isn’t really a value you can refer to. Even though it shows up in the dropdownlist as a selectable value, it isn’t passed on as a value itself. All it does, is selecting all values in the dropdownlist and this ‘list’ is being passed on.

    The second problem you’ll bump into is that you can’t assign multiple values to one parameter in the URL string. What needs to be done, is that all values are split up and being passed in the URL string as individual values, i.e.:

    & “&param_City=” & Join(Parameters!param_City.Value, “&param_City=”)

    In my example this would result into


    This is SSRS’s way of passing multivalue parameters in the URL string.
    If I understand your question correctly, you have this technique (almost) working but you’re running into the limits of the maximum URL length? Are you sure that there is no other cause for your error?

    marks Reply

  3. Is there a way to modify the behaviour of exporting to excel? Specifically, formatting and alignments?

    Alex Reply

  4. GUD GREAT Artcile 🙂

    manishKumar1980 Reply

  5. Great article – used it to get round the 2008R2 export to csv extra line issue. Thanks!

    paul Reply

  6. Hi, How do you make the Button? I added a Text Box and copied/editted the values per the Jump to URL and once deployed and previewed, the Export to CSV was not a button?


    Elisabet Reply

    • Hi Elisabet, could you clarify what you mean with ‘Export to CSV was not a button’?
      Technically speaking the ‘button’ is not a real button like the ones you usually see on websites.
      It’s actually a textbox with a sort of ‘onclick’ event that jumps to another URL, this way the textbox acts like a button (although it doesn’t have a fancy pressdown animation like regular buttons have).
      To come back to your question, what exactly isn’t working?

      Mark Streutker Reply

  7. [rsRuntimeErrorInExpression] The Hyperlink expression for the textbox ‘textbox20.ActionInfo.Action’ contains an error: Operator ‘&’ is not defined for string “/Pages/Folder.aspx?/_Review&acco” and type ‘Object()’.
    Preview complete — 0 errors, 1 warnings

    adding to Elisabet question it throws this error ,and does not show text box as hyper link.

    Mark Can you tell what is that i am missing

    help much appreciated

    andy Reply

    • Hello Andy,

      May I ask what you’re trying to accomplish with your expression? I see that you are referring to Folder.aspx instead of ReportViewer.aspx. Could you post your entire expression, so I can take a look at it?

      Mark Streutker Reply

  8. =Globals!ReportServerUrl
    & “/Finance/Financial Planning and Analysis/_Reports/”
    & “_review”
    & “&accountno=” & Parameters!accountno.value
    & “&rs:Command=Render&rs:Format=CSV&rc:NoHeader=true&rc:FieldDelimiter=,”

    andy Reply

  9. this is the url…i do not know what is wrong with it ??

    please help !!!

    andy Reply

    • Hi Andy,

      thank you for your expression. At first glance the expression seems fine, so I decided to create a little dummy-report using your expression to create a .CSV file.
      Having tried this, I have come to the conclusion that your expression is a valid one. So at this moment I’m not quite sure why you get an error..
      Could you try if my dummy-report works in your environment? Download here:


      You should deploy the report in the “/Finance/Financial Planning and Analysis/_Reports/” folder in order to get the export to work.

      Oh and about the ‘button’ itself, by default a textbox will not display itself as a clickable URL. To mimic this behaviour, the button’s text is made blue and underlined.

      Mark Streutker Reply

  10. Hello Mark.

    Thanks for that help but i also found another way of dealing with it and it works completely fine ,i made a couple of changes which are :

    Under Report-> Report Properties -> Code, Paste the following

    Public Shared Function BuildParams(ByVal param As String, ByVal paramname As String) As String

    Dim params() As String = Split(param, “,”)

    Dim url As New System.Text.StringBuilder

    For Each val As String In params

    url.Append(“&” + paramname + “=” + val)


    Return url.ToString()

    End Function

    All i’m doing in the above code is just getting the parameter collection and building the url dynamically.

    Now in the textbox properties, Action -> go to URL, you need to do the following,

    =Globals.ReportServerURL & “?” & Uri.EscapeDataString(Globals.ReportFolder & “/” & “_review”) & Code.BuildParams(Join(Parameters!accountno.Value,”,”),”accountno”)

    Where Code.BuildParams(Join(Parameters!empid.Value,”,”),”empid”) is calling the above written function with the list of values from the parameter and then the actual name of the target report parameter(s). The final built URL will look some thing like,

    http://machinename/ReportServer?%2FFinance%2Financial palnning and analysis&accountno=2&empid=5


    andy Reply

  11. This helped me a lot thanks.


    Kutub Reply