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  1. I did not experiance the problem u explained that could be resolved with the newtonsoft.json. Instead when u use $json = ConvertTo-Json -InputObject $temp -Depth 999 it will get accepted.

    Erick Segaar Reply

  2. Can you create a new build definition using powershell in tfs?

    If yes, can you please provide an example?


    Parag Shah Reply

  3. Thank you so much Léon, this helped me a great deal! Much appreciated 🙂

    Morné Kruger Reply

  4. In the section Requesting a JSON build definition in the second set of PS code a reference is made to $buildDefinitionUrl. I see it does state “This entry contains the url from which we can request the actual build definition”. I don’t see where the example actually sets this value. Would this be the same value as the $baseUrl that was previously referenced? If not, could I get a little more explanation what the value of $buildDefinitionUrl would look like?
    Thanks in advance

    kgkidd Reply

  5. Thank you so much Leon for supplying the script with explanation

    Tanvver Reply