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  1. Thanks, this worked and saved me hours of checking in files individually.

    IP Beantwoorden

  2. Thanks! I knew they wouldn’t just drop that very useful feature. You saved me a ton of time as well.

    Scott Bateman Beantwoorden

  3. Wow! You just saved me from a major headache. I was about to uninstall VSS 2005 and install VSS 6.0d simply because this feature was “missing”. Thanks so much!

    kgb Beantwoorden

  4. Thanks! It Works…

    VSSUser Beantwoorden

  5. Thanks a bundle! It really helps! You really saved me tons of work creating folders and checking files individually.

    CHV Beantwoorden

  6. Thanks!

    IoanBas Beantwoorden

  7. I can’t understand why they removed this feature in vs 2005 ??

    Hakan Eren Beantwoorden

  8. Thanks a lot for your help. I searched for it in the internet for a longtime but of no use. atlast thanks to you i got his website and the instructiosn here.

    saved lots of my time.

    really appreciate


    Satya Beantwoorden

  9. Thanks.

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  10. Thanks a Lot,

    You saved my hours of Work…..

    Rameshkp Beantwoorden

  11. Kudos to you – you saved me from a major hassle too!!!

    Donoh Beantwoorden

  12. Thanks a lot a real life save!

    DullCoder Beantwoorden

  13. Thanks, I used to do it via command line, but it’s much easier this way.

    Overall Beantwoorden

  14. Outstanding – thanks.

    cph Beantwoorden

  15. Man, thanks a lot. You saved my life. 😉

    Dan Beantwoorden

  16. You stupid, just drag and drop your folder into your project.

    Dumb ass.

    Eric Beantwoorden

  17. Thanks buddy, I was just hoping Microsoft people can never leave this option. Just searched about and got your tips.
    Thanks again.

    Abhishek Singh Beantwoorden

  18. Thanks man, i really appreciate the tip.

    Sargon Beantwoorden

  19. Thank you very much

    Julie Beantwoorden

  20. Hi Raimond!
    Thanks for sharing the info. It saved my lot of time.


    Atul Beantwoorden

  21. Thanks! Your post has been very useful for me.
    It saves me a lot of hours of work.

    Nicolas Pascual Beantwoorden

  22. Thanks !
    It saved my couple of houres. Thanks a lot

    Hemant Kulkarni Beantwoorden

  23. You are the best, if only there were more “web knights” out there like you saving us common village folk from tyrant rulers i.e Mircrosoft that purposefully impediment the growth of our socitues for their own treasury benefits!!!

    Da Web Man Beantwoorden

  24. Thank you very much @^_^@

    Nui Beantwoorden

  25. Thank you! You save me a lot of time!!!

    Vasiliy Beantwoorden

  26. Wicked! Thanks a million.

    Tomas Beblar Beantwoorden

  27. Thank you!

    Tom D Beantwoorden

  28. Thanks very very much Raymond !

    Alessio Beantwoorden

  29. Thanks for posting that. Just saved me hours of adding files.

    Andy M Beantwoorden

  30. Thankful too

    Srikant Beantwoorden

  31. Thanx Man 🙂

    Sajal Beantwoorden

  32. Thanks a lot ……… Everybody loves Raimond.

    sunny Beantwoorden

  33. Do you know if is possible di show only files that are not yet in repository, like in VSS 6.0? Thank you.

    mig_31 Beantwoorden

  34. Thanks a ton!!!

    Naveen Beantwoorden

  35. Typical M$ idiocy to *hide* such a standard feature. Morons !

    smitty Beantwoorden

  36. Oh,this solved the problem which puzzled me since I use the version 2005.I almostly believe that when I add files to an item in version 2005 , I can’t make
    only those files which is not inclued in this item shown in the dialog.It’s really
    helpful.Thanks alot.

    And there is another way to add a folder to Sourcesafe.That is just drag the folder
    which you want to add to the sourcesafe item.

    Jackson Beantwoorden

  37. Wow you just saved me hours of time researching how to do this.

    Tim Beantwoorden

  38. Thanks! I was worried about that, and in a first research at Google I found this page.

    Walter Carlin Jr Beantwoorden

  39. Thanx a lot..!!! Saved my TIME. 🙂

    Sree Beantwoorden

  40. Thanx a lot man….!!! Saved me a lot of time from researching…

    Kalyan Beantwoorden

  41. Thanks a lot! saved a lot of time.

    Lokesh Beantwoorden

  42. thanks a lot Raimond. it worked… u saved lot of my headache…

    ashwath Beantwoorden

  43. Superb. Thank a ton. blame i t on MS for not documenting it.

    Prasanna Beantwoorden

  44. very glad I found this, thank you!

    Judemon Beantwoorden

  45. Thanks a lot! Your solution is just starting a pleasant day for me! Thanks for your post!

    William Beantwoorden

  46. cool dude…..its working

    rabi Beantwoorden

  47. Just click-and-drag.

    Daniel Boulerice Beantwoorden