Beginnen met Machine Learning

Veel mensen vinden machine learning een ingewikkelde technologie die alleen voorbehouden is aan hele grote organisaties die werken met grote budgetten. We kennen allemaal de zelfrijdende auto’s van Google en het voorspellen van je smaak door Spotify en Netflix. Zij … Continue reading

Deep Learning: Adding EQ to the IQ of Today’s Technology

The world of Deep Learning* (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) and the implementations are growing fast and this inspires me to think about more and more possible areas that might benefit of these technologies. There are a lot of cool and interesting … Continue reading

Test-driving AzureML: Machine Learning in the Cloud

On June 16th, Microsoft announced their cloud-based Machine Learning solution AzureML as “a fully-managed cloud service for building predictive analytics solutions”. Last Friday, just before the Worldwide Partner Conference, AzureML went into public beta. Which means it showed up at my … Continue reading