1. Dear Erno,

    I attended your presentation on the devdays.

    I liked a lot. And it definately left an impression.

    Today I have installed the SDK and runtimes I need to create wpf forms, usercontrols en pages….

    Unfortunately I get the message that the visual designer for this type has not been implemented when trying to edit a usercontrol. Even though I have installed the development tools (orca’s ctp).

    I remeber you had a very nice tool to draw stuff. I’m missing this.(although I can zoom in and out on a xaml form and page and design in a pane for example)

    Do I need to install something else? Or am i using the wrong ctp of orca’s? I downloaded it from the microsoft site…..

    great presentation again!



  2. Erdem,

    I’m glad you liked the sessions on WPF!

    The tool I was using is Expression Interactive Designer

    You can get it here but if I were you I’d wait until the March CTP come out: it will support UserControls!!!



  3. looks good Erno.

    I’m gonna give it a go…

    In the beginnen of the devdays they told us that WPF, WCF would be the new generation of API’s…

    when I saw the 3d windows or some windows twirling around in Vista… I thought that these where build in mechanisms that I just could call on to…(maybe give in the rotating speed and direction)…

    but when seeing the interactive designer now… It reminds me a bit of other tools. Like 3ds max. when seeing this I do get the impression that it takes a bit more to get those twirling windows But neverthelles it seems far more flexible. and that’s what a programming language/environment definately should have. Flexibility….




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