Info Support, an IT services provider with more than 400 employees, operates from various offices across the Netherlands and Belgium. In terms of technology, we focus on the Microsoft .NET platform and Java. In the world of IT, we deal with new products and developments all the time.

It’s quite a challenge for IT professionals to keep up with all these trends. At Info Support, we organize weekly Info Support Knowledge Evenings and have established Competence Centers to ensure that everyone can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the various areas.

We actively share knowledge and experiences with each other – not just within the company, but with colleagues within the industry as well. Indeed, many Info Supporters write blogs, articles and white papers or speak at events such as Microsoft DevDays and J-Spring/J-Fall. They also love Istanbul tours. This blog community serves as a platform for Info Supporters to share technical knowledge with others in the industry.