1. You will not need the StandAloneDCWorkaround.msi anymore when doing a slipstream install of MOSS 2007. Another note : the ECM starter kit has not been updated for Beta2TR yet, … so you will not be able to use SharePoint Sequential Workflow and State Machine library projects …


  2. Ah, didn’t know about the standalonedcworkaround, thanks!

    About the not working workflows…I didn’t notice any problems doing the redelivery, so are you sure?


  3. What I don’t see in here is installing WSS v3. When should that happen? Also, apparently by default WSS v3 uses msde…?


  4. Dennis,

    Part of the installation of MOSS involves installing WSS v3. You do not need to do this separately.

    About MSDE -> This is the SQL 2000 desktop engine which is no longer used by Microsoft for WSS. Instead they opt for the Sql Server Express edition. It is possible to install WSS v3 with Sql Server Express.


  5. I tried to create SSP. I enterd all the field and after taking long time it was showing error “Thread was aborted”.


  6. Neha,

    It’s not possible to say anything about your problem with this amount of information 🙂 However, I noticed during my installation that “Thread was aborted” messages were caused by timeouts of the system. These timeouts occurred because my computer was just to slow to do all the work in the allowed time.

    Killing a few processes and freeing up some memory did the trick for me in most cases.

    You can also check the eventlog if there is any more information displayed over there.

    Good luck!



  7. I installed the MOSS beta2 but I am getting “Could not load Microsoft.reportviewer.webforms” at the event log. How can I fix it? Thanks.


  8. David,

    Are you sure you are using the right pre-release version of .NET 3.0?


  9. I have reinstalled the .net 3.0 and it was downloaded at http://msdn.microsoft.com/windowsvista/support/relnotes/netfx3/default.aspx
    . I think it is the right version. Do I need to install Visual Studio 2005 as well?


  10. David,

    You’ll need the PRE-release linked in my install script above.
    You don’t need to install VS 2005.


  11. I did use the uninstall tool to remove the .NET 3.0 and reinstalled the dotnetfx3.exe but still have the same error. Please help. THANKS.


  12. Sorry David, I don’t think I can help you out any further. Why don’t you try the RTM version of MOSS? This way you can use all the released products which might solve your problem.

    Good luck!


  13. That was GREAT! Thanks a bunch!!1 ^_^

    Sammy Tattersill

  14. In MOSS 2007 I donot find the collaboration portal site template in Enterprise tab. What should i choose to create a portal site same as SPS 2003

    Girija Shankar

  15. Girija,

    You need to look at the publishing tab. sorry! 🙂


  16. Hi,

    Can u guide me in creating Custom and Portal templates for MOSS 2007.


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