Agile Open Holland 2019

Date 13-09-2019
Time 09:00 - 17:00
Theme Agile
  • De Lunterse Boer
  • Boslaan 87
  • 6741 KD Lunteren
Description Agile Open Holland is a recurrent Open Space event which means that you are a participant and you are also a speaker, and once you’ve bought the tickets you can’t avoid your serving of creative ideas, hands-on workshops, fruitful discussions and amazing new people.

On Friday 13th of September we start at 09:00 and continue till 17:00, followed by drinks for everybody till 18:00. When you choose to include a fine diner,  we keep you busy till 20:30.

On the night of Thursday 12th of September we start with diner at 18:00 en start gaming as soon as everybody is ready. The night lasts till late, especially for those who stay.

Open Space

Open space is a framework to let people self-organize and quickly create diverse and engaging program for the conference.

The process is more or less the following
1. Everybody who has an idea to share or question to ask writes it on a big post-it and in turn presents it to other attendees. Choose a place (4 spaces, 6 time-slots) and “book” it
2. Attendees are free to choose any slot they are up to and stay there for the whole hour or change places every now and then.
3. After 3 time-slots we have a lunch. After 3 more time-slots we have a retrospective. And then dinner.
That’s all =)
More info The Agile Open Holland website