Agile Open Holland

Date 20-09-2018 t/m 21-09-2018
Time 18:00 - 20:30
Theme Agile
  • De Lunterse Boer
  • Boslaan 87
  • 6741 KD Lunteren
Description Mysterious 13th edition Agile Open Holland ....

Agile Open Holland is a recurrent Open Space event which means that you are a participant and you are also a speaker, and once you’ve bought the tickets you can’t avoid your serving of creative ideas, hands-on workshops, fruitful discussions and amazing new people.

On Friday we start at 09:00 and continue till 17:00, followed by drinks for everybody till 18:00. When you choose to include a fine diner,  we keep you busy till 20:30.

On Thursday night we start with diner at 18:00 en start gaming as soon as everybody is ready. The night lasts till late, especially for those who stay.

Worst of all, this years event has a specific topic. Guess what? It’s all about centaurs! Or sphinxes. Or griffins. Close your eyes (wait, then you can’t read this text, okay, keep your eyes open) and imagine a harmonious mixture of IT and business – that’s what all our event is about. Mysterious, eh?
• If you want to know more – continue reading here, in a series of short blog-posts we are describing our event in less 13th-style way.
• If you are already curious – buy your ticket here and share with friends using tags #agileopen #holland #aoh2018
• If you want to sponsor the event – buy your ticket here and be ready to send two representatives.

Book a spot in your calendar and see you soon!
More info The Agile Open website

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