BrabantJUG Meetup

Date 12-06-2023
Time 17:00 - 21:00
  • Group9
  • Keizerstraat 12, 5211 HG 's-Hertogenbosch 12
  • 5211 HG Den Bosch
Speaker Peter Wessels
Description BrabantJUG is back with another meetup! This time at group9 in 's-Hertogenbosch. For another dose of learning there will be two awesome speakers who will share their wisdom: Peter Wessels and Elias Nogueira.


17:00 Doors open
18:00 Food
18:50 Introduction
19:00 Battling your Biased Brain by Peter Wessels
19:45 Break
20:00 Managing Test Data by Elias Nogueira
20:45 Drinks

Peter Wessels will talk about 'Battling your Biased Brain'.

Ever heard of the IKEA effect or the bandwagon-effect? In our efforts to delivering great software, there are numerous occasions where our brain tries to trick us. Don’t fall for them!

In this talk we will dive into some well-known and researched cognitive biases that impact our judgments in our day-to-day jobs as software creators. When do they typically occur? And why are we falling into these traps from time to time?

After this talk you’ll have a better understanding of how your brain tricks you, how to make better decisions and in the end how to deliver some great software. A word of warning; during this talk you may get tricked!
More info BrabantJUG @ group9, ma 12 jun 2023 17:00 | Meetup