Date 14-04-2015 t/m 16-04-2015
Time 00:00 - 00:00
Theme Business Intelligence
  • C3 Convention Center
  • Alfred-Dallinger-Platz 1 - Schlachthausgasse 28
  • Vienna, 1030
Description Info Supporters Maarten Mulders en Johan Janssen zullen in april tijdens het ConFESS_2015 event in Wenen sessies verzorgen.

Maarten Mulders verzorgt een sessie over:

ELK - BigData for DevOps

Big Data is often related to companies like Google, Facebook or Twitter. Indeed, 500 bilion tweets a day, 1,3 billion active Facebook users or 30 billion web pages to search, we're talking 'Big Data'. Many smaller companies have Big Data, too, without knowing it: application logfiles. This talk discusses how to use Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana to gain insight in these data. It also covers a real-world example at a major Dutch bank, including common pit falls, best practices and lessons learned. It also addresses how monitoring was done before using the ELK stack and what the major advantages are. After attending this session you will be able to leverage the power of the ELK stack for your own application. Even for smaller companies and applications, a lot of knowledge can be gained from proper insight in your production environment.

Johan Janssen verzorgt twee sessies:

Profile any environment with Java Flight Recorder

The last couple of years the focus on software quality is increasing. We use tools like Sonar to measure the quality, we write different kinds of tests etcetera. However the performance of the application is often forgotten. Companies do not test the performance at all, they use environments that cannot be compared with production, or they start measuring when the deadline approaches. Since the Java 7 update 40 Java Flight Recorder and Mission Control are shipped with the JDK. With these tools it is possible to profile an application not only on a developer 's computer, but also on production. The overhead of profiling with Flight Recorder is minimal, which allows us to use the profiler on any environment. These profiling tools are relatively new and unfortunately unknown to a lot of developers. This talk will give an overview of Java Flight Recorder and Mission Control so the audience can start profiling their applications afterwards.

Run Java applications with Docker on the Raspberry Pi and other platforms

Docker is an extremely popular and relatively new open source project. Docker is able to create containers from almost any application. A container based on Ubuntu with GlassFish and your favorite application is one of the many possibilities. The biggest advantage is that Docker containers can run almost anywhere. Docker containers can run on laptops, servers, but also on the Raspberry Pi. Docker is gaining quite some attention and popularity and some major cloud platform vendors already indicated that they want to support Docker. This presentation will explain the advantages of Docker and how Docker can be used on various devices such as the Raspberry Pi.

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