DDD Europe

Date 04-02-2021 t/m 05-02-2020
Time All day event
Theme Architectuur
  • Online
Speaker Michaël Hompus
Description Hands-on Conference:
Learn by doing. DDD Europe 2021 consists almost entirely of interactive hands-on labs. You’ll collaborate with other participants in practical sessions on modelling, design, visualisation, code, architecture, discussion, etc.

Lighting Talk:
In between the hands-on labs, we'll run a series of short, curated talks.

Full Workshops:
For a deep dive into advanced topics, we're running full day and multi-day online workshops, led by industry experts.

On Thursday 4th, at 10.00 h CET, Michaël Hompus will run the workshop 'Use your source code to document your application'.

As a development team, writing documentation is often not our favorite activity. And keeping it up to date after every code change is a bigger challenge. Developers claim that the source code is the documentation itself, but do your stakeholders agree, do they actually read the code? And does it show how the part are working together? What if our source code would be the source of our documentation, for the team and our stakeholders?

In this session we will see how we can utilize Roslyn to generate documentation. Like creating diagrams that display the structure and relationships within an aggregate, or a sequence diagram that displays the flow throughout the application. We will render this using file formats such as PlantUML, Markdown and AsciiDoc.

After this session you will be able to let your source code speak in forms that your team and your stakeholders explain to the operation of your application.

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