Devnexus 2024

Date 09-04-2024 t/m 11-04-2024
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • The Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC)
  • 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW
  • Atlanta, GA 30313 (USA)
Speaker Hanno Embregts Maarten Mulders Peter Wessels
Description The longest-running and largest Java Ecosystem Conference in the world: 3 days, 6 full-day trainings, 14 concurrent tracks, 160 speakers.

Among those speakers, our colleagues Hanno Embregts and Maarten Mulders! They wil talk about "Beware of Survivorship Bias!"

Wednesday April 10 | 11.30 h. (local time)

Most talks on a typical conference schedule contain success stories of technology. This could lead to survivorship bias. Survivorship bias causes you to draw false conclusions because you mostly heard about successes, but hardly ever about failures. Yet failures provide us with lots of valuable knowledge: when not to apply a certain technique, pattern or process.

So no success stories in this talk! Just some ‘silver bullets’ we tried to use to solve our problems, but turned out to be Very Bad Ideas™. We’ll share how survivorship bias can easily influence your ideas and cloud your judgement.

After attending this talk you’ll be more aware of survivorship bias and what you can do to keep your head cool, no matter how many ‘silver bullets’ are fired at you.

Peter Wessels will talk about "Battling your Biased Brain".

Thursday April 11 | 11.30 h. (local time)

Ever heard of the IKEA effect or the bandwagon-effect? In our efforts to delivering great software, there are numerous occasions where our brain tries to trick us. Don’t fall for them! In this talk we will dive into some well-known and researched cognitive biases that impact our judgments in our day-to-day jobs as software creators. When do they typically occur? And why are we falling into these traps from time to time? After this talk you'll have a better understanding of how your brain tricks you, how to make better decisions and in the end how to deliver some great software. A word of warning; during this talk you may get tricked!


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