Date 12-04-2022 t/m 14-04-2022
Time 11:00 - 20:00
Theme Java
  • Georgia World Congress Centre
  • Andrew Young Internation Boulevard NW 285
  • GA, 30313 Atlanta, USA
Speaker Tom Cools Maarten Mulders Giovanni Van der Schelde
Description Devnexus is the largest Java platform conference in the USA and one of the leading technology events held annually around the globe. Devnexus is also the premier conference for professional software developers who want to hear from and interact directly with internationally acclaimed presenters and technologists while also connecting with like-minded developers who are mastering their craft in a range of relevant technologies. Founded in 2004 by the Atlanta Java Users Group as Atlanta DevCon and restarted in 2009 under the moniker Devnexus, the 2022 event will bring in 2000+ attendees for an experience that will span three days, beginning with an optional full-day of hands-on workshop sessions, followed by 2 days of presentations and live demonstrations on the industry’s hottest topics. Devnexus brings attendees unparalleled opportunities for both learning about the latest technology trends and diving deep into technologies that interest them.

Making Maven Marvellous

On April 13th at 11:20, Maarten Mulders and Giovanni van der Schelde will talk about 'Making Maven Marvellous'

Have you ever used Maven, ran into a bug and thought: “How on earth can a project this old have this bug?”. Then join this session! Maven, although a well-known and well-trusted project, is run by a relatively small bunch of people. There’s simply more work to do than these people can do!

So instead of getting angry, or looking for alternatives, you can contribute to Maven yourself and work on making it even better. Join us on our journey from “how on earth” to “works like heaven”. We’ll discuss how we did it, what we did, and most importantly: how you can start contributing to Maven as well!

Learning Through Tinkering

On April 14th at 11:20, Tom Cools will talk about 'Learning through Tinkering'

Feeling overwhelmed by the neverending amount of new technologies coming your way? In this talk, we have a look at some strategies on how you can approach this Life Long Learning you signed up for when you entered IT.

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