Devoxx Belgium 2017

Date 06-11-2017 t/m 10-11-2017
Time All day event
Theme Software development
  • Kinepolis Antwerp
  • Groenendaallaan 394
  • 2030 Antwerpen
Description Devoxx Belgium 2017 with:

Conference talks are 50 minutes and take place on Wed/Thu/Fri (*)

Deep Dive talks are in depth presentations of 3 hours taking place on Mon/Tue (= 75m + 30m break + 75m) (*)

Tools in Action are 30 minutes presentations demonstrating a programming tool on Mon/Tue (*)

Hands-on Labs are 3 hour hands-on sessions on Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu – Bring your own portable!

Quickie are short 15 minute presentations during Lunch breaks on Wed/Thu

BOF sessions are 60 minutes long, scheduled in the evening and are informal taking place on Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu

5 min. Ignite sessions which run during the lunch breaks on Wed/Thu

(*) YouTube Recorded

Hanno Embregts:

- Slide Deck Version Management: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Ignite Sessions)

- QWERTY or DVORAK? Debunking the Keyboard Layout Myths (Quickie)

Maarten Mulders:

- Building apps with React Native (Deep Dive)
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