Devoxx Belgium

Date 02-10-2023 t/m 06-10-2023
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • Kinepolis
  • Groenendaallaan 394
  • 2030 Antwerp, Belgium
Speaker Peter Wessels Tom Cools Maarten Mulders
Description The 20th edition of Devoxx Belgium, a 5-days technology conference, expects over 3,200 attendees.

The event features some of the most innovative and inspiring speakers in the industry, bringing together a diverse range of local and global talent to showcase the latest advancements in various fields, including Java, Cloud, Big Data, Security, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Programming Languages, Methodologies, and Developer Culture.

Attending Devoxx Belgium provides an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and gain hands-on experience with the latest technologies.

Info Support will be present with a booth. Meet us in Antwerp!

Come to Peter Wessels' lunch talk on 'Battling your Biased Brain'.

Ever heard of the IKEA effect or the bandwagon-effect? In our efforts to deliver great software, there are numerous occasions where our brain tries to trick us. Don’t fall for them!

In this talk we will dive into some well-known and researched cognitive biases that impact our judgments in our day-to-day jobs as software creators. When do they typically occur? And why are we falling into these traps from time to time?

After this talk you'll have a better understanding of how your brain tricks you, how to make better decisions and in the end how to deliver some great software. A word of warning; during this talk you may get tricked!

Tom Cools and Maarten Mulders will talk about 'Release your creations into the world with JReleaser! ?'

As a developer, you've been getting dependencies and applications from places like Maven Central, Homebrew and Chocolatey. Have you ever wondered how you can add your own creations to those packagers and repositories? Wouldn't that be cool?!? Anyone worldwide being able to install your CLI or use your library with the tools they already use?

In this talk, we'll show you just how fast and easy it can be to do just that! We'll show you practical examples, like sharing a CLI app through Homebrew or publishing your library on Maven Central while announcing it on social media, all using JReleaser! After this talk, you'll have learned exactly what this free Open Source tool has to offer and you'll know why we are so excited to tell you about it!

So strap on your jetpack and join us as we show you how to package, publish, release and announce your creations at the speed of light!
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