Devoxx Poland

Date 31-05-2023 t/m 02-06-2023
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • ICE Krakow Congress Centre
  • Marii Konopnickiej 17
  • 30-302 Kraków, Poland
Speaker Hanno Embregts Peter Wessels
Description During 3 days, 2.700 Devoxxians from 20 different countries attend Devoxx Poland including 100+ speakers and another 600K developers enjoy the presentations online. Making Devoxx the biggest Java conference in Poland.

Hanno Embregts and Peter Wessels will talk about 'Pattern Matching: Small Enhancement or Major Feature?'

At first it seemed to be just a small enhancement: the addition of “Pattern Matching for instanceof” (JEP 305) in Java 14. No more unnecessary casting after an instanceof, that ought to save us a few seconds a day! However, upon further investigation you’ll quickly discover that pattern matching is not just an enhancement, but rather a vital puzzle piece in the grander scheme of things.

Why were switch expressions added to Java, for example? To make them support pattern matching in a later release! And why did Java 14 bring us records and did Java 15 contain sealed types? Because they could work really well with pattern matching in a later release! These new concepts are the foundation upon which advanced pattern matching features will be built.

So attend this session to get all caught up! You’ll hear about type patterns, deconstruction patterns, nested patterns and even how pattern matching could improve serialization in the future. Live coding included, of course!

Thursday June 1
09:00 - 09:50
Room 3

Furthermore, Hanno will give two more sessions:

11 Crazy Things I Didn't Know You Could Do With Java Until I Got My Java 11 Certification

In the summer of 2021, I got my Java 11 certification. I expected it to be a breeze, because I’d been a Java developer for 14 years already and surely I should have seen it all by now. Boy, was I wrong! I came across lots of things that I didn't even know were possible with Java.

Now this can either mean that I have been a terrible developer for a painfully long time, or that these things are just a bit lesser known and in fact very interesting to hear about.

I'm hoping the latter is actually the case, so in this talk I will take 15 minutes to go through 11 things that took me 14 years to learn. Which means that you have the chance to learn these things 490896 times faster than I did!

Thursday June 1
12:30 - 12:45
Room 2

Will Git Be Around Forever? A List of Possible Successors

Ten years ago, only Linux kernel committers and other early adopters used Git. Almost everyone else used Subversion. Ten years later, Git is the most popular product. Which makes me wonder: what will we use another ten years from now? And what features would YOU want from your version control software in 2033? No history rewrites? Faster? No merge conflicts ever?

In this talk I'll discuss a few post-Git products, including Fossil, Pijul and Sapling, and their support for the features we so dearly desire. I'll also try to predict which one will be 'the top dog' in 2033.

So attend this session if you're excited about the future of version control and if you want to have a shot at beating even (!) the early adopters. Now if it turns out I was right, remember that you heard it here first.

Thursday June 1
18:10 - 18:40
Room 2
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