Devoxx UK

Date 08-05-2024 t/m 10-05-2024
Time All day event
Theme Java, Open source
  • Business Design Centre
  • 52 Upper Street,
  • N1 0QH London, United Kingdom
Speaker Maarten Mulders Tom Cools Hanno Embregts
Description Join Devoxx UK in London for a global gathering of the developer community. A diverse group of inspiring speakers from around the world will cover vital developer-focused topics and share the latest technology advances.

You are invited to delve into fascinating ideas, expand your knowledge and elevate your skills. The aim is to help you be your best developer self.

With more than 170 sessions across 6 stages over 3 days, the most difficult part is choosing what to miss. But there’s no need to worry on that front. Sessions will be recorded and released within a week of the event, so you can catch-up with anything you missed on-demand later.

But don't miss Maarten Mulder's session 'What's Cooking in Maven?' 

May 8 | 17.50 h. | Auditorium

It’s been over 10 years since Maven 3 saw the light, bringing initial multi-module support. Later releases brought a lot of improvements, bug fixes, and of course coloured output.
But the Maven community hasn’t been resting on their laurels. A lot of effort has gone into the future of Maven. You may have heard about Maven 4, Maven Wrapper, or Maven Daemon. Why should you care? And how will it change the way you use Maven? Maarten will show you by using the latest snapshot builds of Maven - time will tell if that’s a brave or a stupid idea… Join him to find out what the future of Maven has for you!

Neither miss the session 'Release your creations into the world with JReleaser!' by Maarten Mulders and Tom Cools.

May 9 | 17.10 h. | Auditorium

As a developer, you’ve been getting dependencies and applications from places like Maven Central, Homebrew and Chocolatey. Have you ever wondered how you can add your own creations to those packagers and repositories? Wouldn’t that be cool?!? Anyone worldwide being able to install your CLI or use your library with the tools they already use?
In this talk, Maarten and Tom will show you just how fast and easy it can be to do just that! They’ll show you practical examples, like sharing a CLI app through Homebrew or publishing your library on Maven Central while announcing it on social media, all using JReleaser! After this talk, you’ll have learned exactly what this free Open Source tool has to offer and you’ll know why they are so excited to tell you about it!
So strap on your jetpack and join us as we show you how to package, publish, release and announce your creations at the speed of light!

Also, a not to miss session is 'Six things we learned implementing Rockstar on Quarkus' by our colleague Hanno Embregts together with Holly Cummins from Red Hat.

May 8 | 15.40 h. | Exec Centre

Let’s run Rockstar programs on Quarkus! What could possibly go wrong?
Rockstar is an example of an “esoteric language,” designed to be interesting rather than intuitive, efficient or especially functional. Rockstar’s interesting feature is that its programs use the lyrical conventions of eighties rock ballads. Rockstar has been implemented in many languages, but not as a JVM language. This was clearly (clearly!) a gap that needed fixing, so Holly and Hanno have stepped in to make sure us JVM folks aren’t missing out. As a bonus, because “Bon Jova” is a JVM language, it can take advantage of Quarkus-y goodness. Along the way, a lot was learned about eighties music, classloaders, parsing, bytecode manipulation, and the important relationship between language style, syntax, and semantics.
There will be live coding, live singing and live guitar!
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