dotnetdays Romania

Date 15-02-2021 t/m 19-02-2021
Time All day event
Theme .NET, Microservices
  • Online
Speaker Edwin van Wijk
Description is a .NET & Software Architecture conference in Iasi, Romania.

dotnetdays brings the .NET community in together for in-depth technical talks and workshops.

A great lineup of speakers will talk about the latest technologies and trends in .NET and Microsoft Azure.

On Tuesday February 16, starting at 17.30 h. CET, 18.30 h. in Romania, Edwin van Wijk will talk about 'How to get a grip on your microservices system using a service-mesh'.

Many organizations are now building microservices based systems. But with the adoption of this architecture-style, the need arises for a good way to manage and monitor all the services and their traffic. To handle this, you can leverage what is called a service-mesh. In this session attendees will learn what a service-mesh is and how to implement one for a microservices based system using Kubernetes and Istio.

Topics covered are: intelligent traffic-routing, canary releasing, testing resiliency using chaos-engineering and monitoring using several available telemetry dashboards.

It's a very practical session with lots of demos and deep-dives into code and configuration. All the code shown in de demos (including an elaborate description on how to run the demo application) is available for attendees on Github.
More info the dotnetdays website