Date 28-02-2023
Time 18:30 - 20:30
Theme Java, Open source
  • tcube coworking
  • Dublin, Ireland
Speaker Maarten Mulders
Description Since 2006, the Dublin Java User Group, aka DubJUG, has been working with the global Java community to amplify technical knowledge for the benefit of Irish based developers and businesses. At DubJUG Maarten will give two talks:

What's cooking in Maven?

Starts at 18.30 h. (GMT) or 19.30 h. (CET)

It’s been over 10 years since Maven 3 saw the light, bringing initial multi-module support. Later releases brought a lot of improvements, bug fixes, and of course coloured output. But the Maven community hasn’t been resting on their laurels. A lot of effort has gone into the future of Maven. You may have heard about Maven 4, Maven Wrapper, or Maven Daemon. Why should you care? And how will it change the way you use Maven? Maarten will show you using the latest snapshot builds of Maven - time will tell if that’s a brave or a stupid idea…

React in 50 minutes

Starts at 19.30 h. (GMT) or 20.30 h. (CET)

You’ve heard about React, the JavaScript library for building web applications? And you’re wondering how to use it beyond the “Hello, World” stage? Then this talk is for you!Join Maarten in an action-packed session full of live code examples where we’ll discover how you can use React to build the hottest web applications while keeping your head cool. When you leave the room, you’ll know enough to build real-world web applications!
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