Dutch Azure Meetup

Date 29-09-2020
Time 18:00 - 21:00
Theme .NET
  • Info Support hoofdkantoor
  • Kruisboog 42
  • 3905 TG Veenendaal
Speaker Sander Molenkamp Edwin van Wijk
Description Dapr: build microservice applications the easy way
By Sander Molenkamp and Edwin van Wijk

Important: This is an in-person event and as such we will strictly follow RIVM COVID-19 guidelines, such as social distancing, minimizing contact during dinner time and limiting the amount of attendees. Because of this limitation and to minimize the number of no-shows, please register at Eventbrite.

The subject of our first Corona-proof event will be Dapr! Dapr is an open source, event-driven, portable runtime for building microservices. It provides powerful building blocks to make it easy for developers to build resilient microservice applications using a variety of languages and frameworks.

In this session Sander Molenkamp & Edwin van Wijk wiIl quickly introduce you to the Dapr building blocks and show how they can be applied to ‘eShop on Containers’; a .NET microservices reference application. You’ll learn about both the benefits and the limitations of using Dapr in your microservice applications.

After the talk we’ll dive into the hands-on part of the evening and challenge you to apply the Dapr building blocks to a sample traffic speed-trap application!
More info The Meetup website / Registration: Eventbrite