Dutch Azure Meetup: Going Passwordless in Azure, secure and easy!

Date 27-06-2019
Time 18:00 - 20:00
Theme Azure, Security
  • Startup Village
  • Science Park 608
  • 1098 XH Amsterdam
Description Security between services is usually hard and painful. Fortunately we can make it painless and easy in Azure, even without passwords in web.configs, by using manged service identities and certificates. Key rotation can also be fully automated! This can be applied to all of your cloud and on-premises services.

In this meetup you will learn how to leverage KeyVault for safekeeping of your secrets and Managed Service Identity for single-click service authentication to make sure you don’t have to update passwords anymore! You'll also learn about Azure Active directory and Azure Runbooks for key rotations.

Don't forget your laptop for the hands-on-labs! After this meetup you'll be able to secure your own services the very next day.

Speaker: Patrick van Ek
More info The Meetup website