IglooConf 2022: Summer edition

Date 16-06-2022 t/m 17-06-2022
Time 09:00 - 17:00
Theme Azure, Dapr, Microsoft
  • Scandic Park hotel
  • Helsinki
Speaker Michaël Hompus

IglooConf is a two-day, single track, learning festival for all things Azure. The speakers are well-known presenters and trainers, and the topics are selected in order to expand your understanding of the capabilities and opportunities in Azure, regardless of your role. IglooConf will widen your understanding of the cloud and how it should be used. The speakers are an international bunch with years of hard earned experience in the cloud. They work at Microsoft or elsewhere, and have been awarded with Most Valuable Professional (MVP) or Regional Director (RD) titles. The goal is not to have the most attendees, since we are not looking for profit. The space is the same as in previous years, so known to many of you, and will fit a few hundred people. This will make the event more intimate and easier for the audience to join with questions to the presenter. Join the conference in Helsinki, and let's learn something together.

Postponing architectural choices and start developing first with Dapr

On Friday the 17th at 13.25pm - 14.25pm, Michaël Hompus will talk about developing with Dapr:

When starting a new project, we tend to make a lot of architectural choices when it comes to components like (relational) databases, service buses, and deployment models like cloud and/or on premises. Most of the choices will be based on past experiences and upfront assumptions. But are they part of the right solution to your current challenge?
When you discover it is not the right fit, are you still able to change your code to use the better tool? Or is it now too expensive to change?

What if we could postpone our choices and just start developing the right solution first and pick the right dependencies when we know which those are, or even keep it open until it is time to launch?

Dapr is a distributed application runtime which promises us we can postpone our decisions until we know what the right decision is. In this session we will discover how that is possible.
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