ISKA: Data Mesh @ Vanderlande

Date 18-10-2023
Time 19:00 - 20:15
Theme Data
  • Info Support headoffices
  • Kruisboog 42
  • 3905 TG Veenendaal
Description What is ISKA? It means Info Support Kennis Avond: every Wednesday evening we have an in-house meeting to share knowledge.

This time we have invited Marcos Reis, Delivery Manager at Vanderlande, to talk about Distributed Data Architectures.

“Distributed Data Architectures” is a collective term that includes concepts such as Data Mesh and Data Fabric, and it represents the perfect fusion of the software world and the data world. While the data platforms we currently develop are often monolithic solutions where all analytical data is gathered in one place, the idea behind Distributed Data Architectures is to distribute this analytical data among the various business domains within the company because this is where the expertise in that data is best available.

These domains are then made responsible for enriching and sharing the data within the organization. By decentralizing data activities, the pressure on a central platform and its associated team is reduced, and it ensures that the data resides close to the team that possesses the domain knowledge. A Distributed Data Architecture also aligns perfectly with terms like Domain-driven Design and Microservices, utilizing many concepts familiar from software development in shaping the ‘data platform of the future’!

To share more about Distributed Data Architectures, Marcos Reis, Delivery Manager at Vanderlande, will present an ISKA (Info Support Kennis Avond) session on October 18th at 7 pm, at the Kruisboog location, focusing on Vanderlande’s currently deployed Data Mesh solution. This session will provide a high-level overview, highlighting the key components of the implemented data solution, along with the challenges encountered during its construction and the insights gained from using this data platform, accompanied by a set of best practices.

The session is from 19:00 to 20:15 h., and if you like you can join us for dinner at 18.00 h.
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ISKA: Data Mesh Vanderlande | Info Support B.V.