J-Fall 2023

Date 09-11-2023
Time 08:00 - 18:45
Theme Java
  • Pathé Ede
  • Laan der Verenigde Naties 150
  • 6716 JE Ede
Speaker Maarten Mulders Hanno Embregts Elien Callens Tom Cools
Description J-Fall 2023 is the Java Conference of the Netherlands. Where we welcome 1800+ attendees at Pathé Ede on the 9th of November.

Expect the best (inter)national speakers including a bunch of Java Champions giving in-depth sessions, inspiring keynotes and practical hands-on workshops. But it is so much more than quality content delivered by Java gurus. The prestigious NLJUG Innovation Award will be presented to the most impressive and innovative Java project of the year. The market floor is full of companies who embrace Java and everything that it stands for. It’s a day you can’t miss out on in which you will get ahead of the curve while meeting the best community members of the world.

Furthermore, we have the J-Fall Preconference on the 8th of November with the funprogging contest Masters of Java and expert level Masterclasses.

J-Fall is only for NLJUG members and last year it sold out within 24 hours!

As a business partner of NLJUG, Info Support will be present with a booth. Visit us!

Tom Cools and Elien Callens will talk about 'Leaving a legacy: a guide to being kind to those who come after'.

Room 1, 11.40 h.

There comes a time in any project when you feel you are completely 'done' with it. Either you've learned all you can, the software is in production or you are completely fed up with the project or team and ask for a transfer.

Whatever the reason for leaving, every line of code you wrote and every interaction you had will have a lasting impact on whoever needs to take over the reigns. How successful your successors will be is in no small part in your hands.

This talk is about taking responsibility for what you leave behind. You leave this session with some guidance on how to leave a legacy which isn't despised and hated but instead is a solid foundation for future development.

Hanno Embregts will talk about 'A Birds-Eye View of Version Control with Pijul'.

Room 5, 16.20 h.

Git has done wonders for the world of version control, but it is not without its quirks. If you are looking for a distributed VCS that goes a bit easier on newcomers by being more intuitive, you should check out Pijul. The Pijul VCS is patch-based (instead of snapshot-based), fast (it is written in Rust) and it supports interactive recording. In 15 minutes I will introduce Pijul, discuss pros and cons, compare it to Git and demonstrate a few typical use cases (such as recording patches, pushing to Pijul Nest and resolving conflicts).

Maarten Mulders will talk about 'Five ways open source will slow you down'.

Room 3, 16.55 h.

Software is changing the world - and even other planets. An ever-growing part of software is “open source”. But it hasn’t always been that way! And “doing something open source” is definitely no guarantee for success. There are numerous ways in which you can use open source software and be worse off than if you did not.

Join me in this talk to find out how not to leverage open source software in your organisation and your projects. Find out why reading the documentation may not always be your best bet, or how a workaround may eventually work against you. By investigating 5 ways in which you can fail, we can learn valuable lessons on what to do instead.
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