Date 04-11-2021
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • Pathé Ede
  • Laan der Verenigde Naties 150
  • 6716 JE Ede
Speaker Hanno Embregts Maarten Mulders Tom Cools
Description J-Fall 2021 is coming up and we are super excited… Because this year we will do it together on-site in Ede again!

Currently NLJUG is organizing the J-Fall 2021 Conference fully on-site with all the attendees participating in-person at Pathé Ede. Of course, the measurements set by the government regarding COVID-19 will be followed. But still, as of now, there is still uncertainty about what the COVID measurements are going to be the 4th of November. Therefore, we will inform you about the definite form of J-Fall 2021 at the start of October.

One of the speakers will be Hanno Embregts with '11 Crazy Things I Didn’t Know You Could Do With Java Until I Got My Java 11 Certification':

This summer, I got my Java 11 certification. I expected it to be a breeze, because I’ve been a Java developer for 14 years now and surely I should have seen it all by now. Boy, was I wrong! I came across lots of things that I didn’t even know were possible with Java.

Now this can either mean that I have been a terrible developer for a painfully long time, or that these things are just a bit lesser known and in fact very interesting to hear about.

I’m hoping the latter is actually the case, so in this talk I will take 16 minutes to go through 11 things that took me 14 years to learn. Which means that you have the chance to learn these things 460215 times faster than I did!

Maarten Mulders will talk about 'Dapr: Dinosaur or Developer Dream?':

Recently, the Dapr community released Dapr into the wild, aiming to simplify cloud-native application development. Dapr lets you abstract your distributed architecture from the underlying infrastructure that powers it. Forget about Kafka, RabbitMQ or any cloud-specific product: you’re talking with a pub/sub broker. Let Dapr take care of how it works. Want to switch later? Sure, no problem!

So, is Dapr the new J2EE application server? How could it change the way we develop distributed solutions? Join me in this talk to find out if we’re looking at a dinosaur in a fancy suit, or a developer’s dream.

Join Tom Cools for his session 'Learning Through Tinkering':

In the daily drag of requirements and deadlines we often forget to take the time for the fun stuff. Yet it’s these “just for fun” projects that inspire us at our jobs.

I will share the paths I have taken to inspire myself in the quest for new pet projects.

There will be code and geek references!


• 10:35 - 11:25 Maarten Mulders - "Dapr: Dinosaur or Developer's Dream?"
• 12:35 - 13:10 Hanno Embregts hosts the Ignite-talks
• 15:50 - 16:06 Hanno Embregts - "11 Crazy Things I Didn't Know You Could Do With Java Until I Got My Java 11 Certification"
• 16:55 - 17:45 Tom Cools - "Learning Through Tinkering"

More info the J-Fall website