Date 04-11-2020
Time 17:10 - 17:50
Theme Java
  • Online
Speaker Maarten Mulders Martin Kanters
Description Maarten Mulders en Martin Kanters verzorgen de sessie "Making Maven Marvellous" .

Have you ever used Maven, ran into a bug and thought: "How on earth can a project this old have this bug?". Then join this session! Maven, although a well-known and well-trusted project, is run by a relatively small bunch of people. There's simply more work to do than these people can do!

So instead of getting angry, or looking for alternatives, you can contribute to Maven yourself and work on making it even better. Join us on our journey from "how on earth" to "works like heaven". We'll discuss how we did it, what we did, and most importantly: how you can start contributing to Maven as well!

As you walk out the room, better reserve some time in your calendar to start working on that bug ;-).
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