Date 13-06-2024
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • Jaarbeurs
  • Utrecht
Speaker Maarten Mulders
Description Dive deep in the world of Java by expert speakers from companies such as Google, Azul, Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, Picnic and more. J-Spring brings together brilliant speakers with an amazing community to exchange ideas, share knowledge, drive insightful conversations, facilitate networking and last but not least – have fun.

Maarten Mulders will speak about 'Accelerating Maven Builds: From Snail's Pace to Rocket Speed'.

Are you tired of watching Maven builds crawl at a snail’s pace, wasting precious development time? Spending too much time at the coffee machine, or fighting battles with wooden swords under the excuse “my code’s compiling”?

Join us to learn how to supercharge your Maven build! We’ll cover three main mechanisms that you can apply in your project. Learn how each speeds up your build, when they provide the biggest gains, and what pitfalls await.

So take the next step in boosting your developer productivity by learning practical tips to decrease context switching and increase development speed and feedback cycle. Your journey from snail’s pace to rocket speed begins today!
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