JavaLand 2021

Date 16-03-2021 t/m 18-03-2021
Time 08:30 - 17:40
Theme Java
  • Phantasialand
  • Berggeiststrasse 31-41
  • 50321 Brühl, Germany and online
Speaker Hanno Embregts Maarten Mulders
Description JavaLand 2021 awaits you from March 16 to 18 as a hybrid event. On Tuesday and Wednesday you can look forward to two full days of conference action, online and on site. For on-site participants an additional training day is planned on Thursday.

Whether online or on-site: Both types of participation provide a unique conference experience with plenty of knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

On March 17, there will be two talks by Info Support colleagues:

Pattern Matching: From Small Enhancement To Major Feature - by Hanno Embregts

At first it seemed to be just a small enhancement: the addition of "Pattern Matching for instanceof" (JEP 305) in Java 14. No more unnecessary casting after an `instanceof`, that ought to save us a few seconds a day! However, upon further investigation you'll quickly discover that pattern matching is not just an enhancement, but rather a vital puzzle piece in the grander scheme of things.

Why were switch expressions added to Java, for example? To make them support pattern matching in a later release! And why did Java 14 bring us records and will Java 15 contain sealed types? Because they could work really well with pattern matching in a later release! These new concepts are the foundation upon which advanced pattern matching features will be built.

So attend this session to get all caught up! You'll hear about type patterns, deconstruction patterns, nested patterns and even how pattern matching could improve serialization in the future. Live coding included, of course!

SSL/TLS for Mortals - by Maarten Mulders

Using SSL/TLS the right way is often a big hurdle for developers. We prefer to have that one colleague perform "something with certificates" because he/she knows how that works. But what if "that one colleague" is enjoying their vacation and something goes wrong with the certificates?

In this session, we'll take a close look at secure communication at the transport level. Starting with what exactly SSL and TLS is, we'll dive into public/private keys, and signing. We'll also learn what all this has to do with an unfortunate Dutch notary. Of course, there'll be plenty of practical tips & tricks, as well as demos.

Attend this session to become "that one colleague"! A PhD in math is not required; experience with assembling furniture can come in handy.

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