JavaLand 2023

Date 21-03-2023 t/m 23-03-2023
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • Phantasialand Brühl
  • Berggeiststraße 31-41
  • 50321 Brühl, Germany
Speaker Elien Callens Tom Cools Hanno Embregts Peter Wessels
Description Two eventful days packed with presentations, community activities, an accompanying exhibition, workshops, exchange and networking with a unique amusement park flair. On the third and last day of the conference, you can look forward to a training day where you can intensively deepen what you have learned.

On Tuesday 21st Tom Cools and Elien Callens give the talk: Leaving a legacy: a guide to being kind to those who come after

Every line of code we write will have a lasting impact on whoever needs to take over the reins after we hand over the project. So we must ask ourselves: Are we setting them up for success... or will we let them fall into a pit of tech debt, untested features, and missing documentation?
It's time to talk about taking responsibility for what we leave behind. During this session, we'll tell you some of our stories of being handed code someone else wrote and we had to maintain. We'll talk about the struggles we faced with this legacy and give you guidance on how you can leave behind a project that isn't hated and despised but is a solid foundation for future development.

On Wednesday 22nd Hanno Embregts and Peter Wessels give the talk: Pattern Matching: Small Enhancement or Major Feature?

At first it seemed to be just a small enhancement: the addition of "Pattern Matching for instanceof" (JEP 305) in Java 14. No more unnecessary casting after an `instanceof`, that ought to save us a few seconds a day! However, upon further investigation you'll quickly discover that pattern matching is not just an enhancement, but rather a vital puzzle piece in the grander scheme of things.
Why were switch expressions added to Java, for example? To make them support pattern matching in a later release! And why did Java 14 bring us records and did Java 15 contain sealed types? Because they could work really well with pattern matching in a later release! These new concepts are the foundation upon which advanced pattern matching features will be built.
So attend this session to get all caught up! You'll hear about type patterns, deconstruction patterns, nested patterns and even how pattern matching could improve serialization in the future. Live coding included, of course!
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