Date 08-12-2021 t/m 09-12-2021
Time All day event
Theme Java, Open source
  • Oslo Spektrum
  • Sonja Henies pl. 2
  • 0185 Oslo, Norway
Speaker Maarten Mulders Hanno Embregts Peter Wessels
Description Update:

Following the latest updates from the Norwegian government and the local authorities regarding the Omicron variant of COVID-19 it’s no longer possible to carry out the conference as planned in Oslo Spektrum.

Due to COVID, the program was updated. There are two days with talks (Wednesday and Thursday). The workshops (which were scheduled on Tuesday) are cancelled.

All ticket holders will receive a mail on Tuesday evening with a description on how they can stream all the talks live.

Attend JavaZone live:

According to the new restrictions we are allowed to have a limited number of participants physically in Spektrum. This number is far lower than the total number of tickets sold, so we have come up with a compromise: Anyone with a valid JavaZone ticket can register for one section that they would like to attend and we will allocate the tickets by lottery.

JavaZone – the biggest European community-driven conference for modern developers will be 20 years old in 2021! Don’t miss out on two days of inspiring tech talks, a day of hands-on sessions, mingling, and a great party!

JavaZone is organized by javaBin, the Norwegian Java User Group. Our goal is to organize a community-driven conference for Java developers where they can learn new things, share knowledge, and socialize.

We have been organizing JavaZone since 2001 and have been excited to watch the event grow bigger and better every year. In 2019 we hosted over 3200 participants and 160 speakers across 7 parallel tracks over the course of two days. In addition, we also offered a selection of 11 workshops held on the day before the conference started

Maarten Mulders will, together with his former colleague Martin Kanters, talk about 'Making Maven Marvellous' on December 8th at 13.30 CET.

Have you ever used Maven, ran into a bug and thought: “How on earth can a project this old have this bug?”. Then join this session! Maven, although a well-known and well-trusted project, is run by a relatively small bunch of people. There’s simply more work to do than these people can do!

So instead of getting angry, or looking for alternatives, you can contribute to Maven yourself and work on making it even better. Join us on our journey from “how on earth” to “works like heaven”. We’ll discuss how we did it, what we did, and most importantly: how you can start contributing to Maven as well!

As you walk out the room, better reserve some time in your calendar to start working on that bug ;-).

Peter Wessels and Hanno Embregts will talk about 'Pattern Matching: Small Enhancement or Major Feature?' on December 9th, 14.40 CET.

At first it seemed to be just a small enhancement: the addition of “Pattern Matching for instanceof” (JEP 305) in Java 14. No more unnecessary casting after an instanceof, that ought to save us a few seconds a day! However, upon further investigation you’ll quickly discover that pattern matching is not just an enhancement, but rather a vital puzzle piece in the grander scheme of things.

Why were switch expressions added to Java, for example? To make them support pattern matching in a later release! And why did Java 14 bring us records and will Java 15 contain sealed types? Because they could work really well with pattern matching in a later release! These new concepts are the foundation upon which advanced pattern matching features will be built.

So attend this session to get all caught up! You’ll hear about type patterns, deconstruction patterns, nested patterns and even how pattern matching could improve serialization in the future. Live coding included, of course!
More info the JavaZone website