Date 26-09-2022 t/m 28-09-2022
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • Chicago, USA
Speaker Maarten Mulders
Description Java · Cloud · JVM Languages · Big Data

This Java-community event will take place in Chicago, September 26th - September 28th. The conference will be all about Java, with top-speakers from all around the globe. With 5 tracks, 50+ sessions and 5 workshops, JConf.dev will make sure you learn something new.

At the event, Maarten Mulders will talk about Dapr: Dinosaur or Developer's Dream?
Recently, the Dapr community released Dapr into the wild, aiming to simplify cloud-native application development. Dapr lets you abstract your distributed architecture from the underlying infrastructure that powers it. Forget about Kafka, RabbitMQ or any cloud-specific product: you’re talking with a pub/sub broker. Let Dapr take care of how it works. Want to switch later? Sure, no problem! So, is Dapr the new J2EE application server? How could it change the way we develop distributed solutions? Join me in this talk to find out if we’re looking at a dinosaur in a fancy suit, or a developer’s dream.

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