Datum 06-02-2017 t/m 08-02-2017
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  • Stockholm Waterfront Conference
  • Nils Ericsons Plan
  • Stockholm, Zweden

Info Supporter Maarten Mulders geeft een presentatie over: Outsmarting the Smart Meter

Starting 2014, all Dutch households will receive a “smart meter” to replace their old meter systems for electricity and gas. They’re called “smart”, but are they really? Most meters just send their data to a central point using GPRS. Using third party services, consumers can get an insight in their energy usage. But we’re technicians, we can build something better ourselves. All it takes is a prefab cable (or some soldering), code, patience and a beer. Using Scala plus Akka for the backend, ES6 plus React for the frontend and Websockets for communication you can build your own energy dashboard. In this session we’ll discover how to outsmart the Smart Meter!


Thema Internet of Things, Java
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