jLove Conference

Date 04-12-2020 t/m 05-12-2020
Time All day event
Theme Java
  • Online
Speaker Hanno Embregts
Description Dive deeper into Java knowledge with speakers sharing their knowledge, globally.

Take a cup of coffee and enjoy the best Java experience on the web!

jLove is a remote event which means that you can join from anywhere.

Who can attend?

Are you a student, a programmer with a few years of experience, an expert in Java or Java Champion? Join us, we will cover all the levels of advancement. This conference is your opportunity to learn something 'wow' – for free!

Music maestro!

Look at and listen to Hanno Embregts, who will talk about "When Music and Software Come Together". He says:

“Can you perform under pressure?” the interviewer asked. I had to resist the urge to sing “PRESSURE! PUSHING DOWN ON ME!” at the top of my lungs. Instead I absent-mindedly said “Sure” and provided a few dull examples to back the claim up.

Still, when you love doing what you do, you’ll be happier and your performance will benefit. Being both a developer and a musician, I am happiest when I see music and software come together. When I do a ‘git push’, I hum “push it to the limit”. And when I hear a pop song, I believe the lyrics are actually about software development.

This talk takes you on a journey throughout a typical software development process, showing you where music and software cross paths. And because I’ll perform the songs myself, the talk doubles as a mini-concert - featuring songs by Coldplay, Oasis, Imagine Dragons and many more.

More info https://jlove.konfy.care/