JNation 2021

Date 16-06-2021
Time No time known
Theme Java
  • Online
Speaker Maarten Mulders Tom Cools
Description Get up to speed with the latest and greatest technology!

JNation is an inclusive developer conference currently embracing Java and JavaScript at its core, the two most popular programming languages in the world.

Due to the current situation worldwide, JNation 2021 will be, as last year, an online event.

Maarten Mulders will talk about 'React in 50 minutes'.

You've heard about React, the user interface library developed by Facebook? And you're wondering how to use it beyond the “Hello, World” stage? Then this talk is for you! Join me in an action-packed session full of live code examples where we'll discover how you can use React to build the hottest web applications while keeping your head cool.

When you leave the room, you'll know enough to build real-world web applications!

Tom Cools will talk about 'Advanced Testing Patterns'.

Unit Tests by themselves give no guarantee that your system will work in a production environment. That’s where your code will have to work together with other resources like databases and APIs. Unfortunately, those are the kind of dependencies we try to avoid in tests by using mocking-frameworks. Risky business, because this means we’ll only know if the application really works when you push it to production.

In this session we’ll look at some strategies you can use to test your application without mocking your dependencies away. You’ll discover how tools like Liquibase, TestContainers, WireMock and Pact can immensely improve your tests so you can deploy your application to production AND sleep at night.
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