Joy of Coding 2022

Date 17-06-2022
Time No time known
Theme Java
  • Rotterdam
  • Kruisplein 40
  • 3012 CC Rotterdam
Speaker Hanno Embregts
Description Joy of Coding is a one-day single-track conference held in Rotterdam. We bring internationally renowned speakers to Rotterdam to deliver talks. They cover diverse aspects of the craft, reflecting recent trends in industry and academia, as well as a serious amount of joy.The people behind Joy of Coding are an informal group, backed by a legal entity (the Devnology Foundation).

What 'Stairway to Heaven' can teach us about software development

On june 17th, Hanno Embregts will talk about 'Stairway to Heaven'

One of the most iconic rock songs ever written starts with the line “There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold…” and chances are you know the rest of the lyrics by heart. Though one could argue that this ability is rather useless. It’s not like it makes you a better software developer, right? Right?!

Allow me to change your mind! I know that the lyrics to “Stairway to Heaven” have sparked countless online debates over its meaning, but being a developer and a musician I think it is actually about software development. In fact, I even believe it contains a few good lessons on it and if that is the case, knowing the lyrics by heart can really benefit you.

So during this talk I will perform snippets of the song, explain why I think it is about software development and how your next software project can be better because of it. I’ll make sure to cover the identity of ‘the lady’, interpretation of requirements, reverting architectural decisions and the cost of overly ambitious guitar solos.

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