Meetup Java & Azure

Date 15-12-2016
Time 18:00 - 21:00
Theme Java
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Java & Azure: A great combination

At this first meetup we'll have two sessions on Azure and Java.

You can join us at 18:00 for dinner and a chat with fellow developers.
The sessions start at 19:00.


Session 1: Building a real world solution using Java on Azure

Poliskluis is an online service that customers can use to get an up to date view on their insurance policies. This website is available to millions of users so it makes sense to build this in the cloud. The team behind this website used techniques like Akka and Docker to build this website so that it is scalable and responsive in the worst conditions you can think of.

Maarten Mulders is going to show us how the team set up a deployment pipeline on Azure. He will also how he and his team used Akka to make the solution resilient against crashes and timeouts when requesting insurance policies from the insurance companies.

Session 2: Java application analytics using Application Insights

Most of us will have used some kind of logging framework to extract diagnostic information from our application. Most of the logging data will end up on a harddrive somewhere and you will have to look at this file yourself in order to detect any problems.

There is however a better way to gather diagnostics. With Application Insights on Azure you have a portal that offers better insights in the behavior of your application. And the good thing is, it supports Java as well.

Willem Meints will show you how to get started with Application Insights and a few tips and tricks for adding more advanced analytics to your application.
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