NDC London

Date 29-01-2024 t/m 02-02-2024
Time All day event
Theme .NET
  • Queen Elizabeth II Centre
  • Broad Sanctuary
  • SW1P 3EE London, UK
Speaker Edwin van Wijk
Description Since its start-up in Oslo 2008, the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) quickly became one of Europe`s largest conferences for .NET & Agile development. Today NDC Conferences are 5-day events with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference sessions. And not only in Oslo!

On Thursday February 1, 13:40 - 14:40, Edwin van Wijk will talk about 'How to get a grip on your microservices system using a service-mesh'.

Many organizations are now building microservices based systems. But with the adoption of this architecture-style, the need arises for a good way to manage and monitor all the services and their traffic. To handle this, you can leverage what is called a service-mesh. In this session attendees will learn what a service-mesh is and how to implement one for a microservices based system using Kubernetes and Istio. Topics covered are: intelligent traffic-routing, canary releasing, testing resiliency using chaos-engineering and monitoring using several available telemetry dashboards.
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