NDC Oslo

Date 10-06-2024 t/m 14-06-2024
Time All day event
Theme Software development
  • Oslo Spektrum
  • Sonja Henies plass 2
  • 0185 Oslo, Norway
Speaker Michaël Hompus
Description The first NDC conference was held at the Radisson Scandinavia hotel in Oslo back in 2008. The conference had more than 800 attendees and included 1 day of Agile and 1 day of .NET. Since then the conference has come a long way. There are now NDC conferences in locations around the world, including Oslo, London, Sydney, Porto, and Copenhagen.

NDC will cover all topics interesting to developers. You can see most of the previous talks on their YouTube channel.

NDC Oslo 2024

NDC Oslo consists of 2 workshop days followed by 3 days of conference sessions in Oslo Spektrum. NDC will be an in-person event with multiple tracks, an expo and after-parties. They expect more than 2700 people to attend.


On Friday, our colleague Michaël Hompus will talk about 'Use your source code to document your application'.

Room 7 | 11:40 - 12:40 (UTC+02)

For many development teams, writing and updating documentation can feel like a chore, especially when the codebase changes frequently. While developers often consider the source code as its own documentation, this perspective might not resonate with all stakeholders. Moreover, the source code might not adequately illustrate how different components interact.
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